Welcome to Co-ops Commons and Communities Canberra


CoCanberra has two active co-op building projects:

There are many more projects we would like to begin, but we need your help to get these two up and running before we can begin new projects.


Scientific agreement on the climate crisis warns us we have only a few years to turn the whole thing around – starting right now, and finishing only a few years after that.

The root causes of the climate crisis are also the root causes of the extinction crisis, biodiversity crisis, the many peak resources crises, the poisoning ourselves crisis, and the multiple other crises that are converging on us.

This common root system is why they are all accelerating at the same time.

If we rely on others to make this change for us, it will more than likely come too late, if at all.

These root problems are institutional. In particular, they lie in that set of institutions we call The Economy.

Luckily, these are all problems of the collective imagination, which means it is entirely possible to organise ourselves differently in order to avoid them.

At Coops Commons and Communities Canberra, we believe that you and I hold power.

Working by ourselves, this power is small and weak, but if we organise our many small powers to work together, we can become an unstoppable force to drive this change. 

Organising together to meet our needs, structuring our new organisations in ways which set up new institutions, ways that avoid these root problems, is what we at CoCanberra are doing. 

We invite you to explore these pages to find out what we are up to, and why.

If you find our analysis and methods worthy, we ask for your help to continue building this vision into reality. 


Find out more about what we are up to, why we are doing it, and how!


CoCanberra and NENA Canberra Regional Hub hold monthly meetups, on the last Monday of each month. 

These are not boring organisational meetings, they are more like a learning group, where we can all learn about new ways of doing things which fit in with our mission.


The old punk Jello Biafra once said: Don’t HATE the media…. BECOME the media!

We took his advice years ago!

CoCanberra is involved in Behind the Lines, a weekly radio show on Community Radio 2XX 98.3FM.

BTL talks in depth with folks who are making the world a better place.

Behind the Lines shares a podcast, Align in the Sound, with CoCanberra and the New Economy Network of Australia.