What we do

So how do we start, on the ground?

CoCanberra is here to provide ongoing support and resources for new and existing organisations who align with our mission of creating Climate Co-ops (to address the immediate climate crisis, and its cultural causes) and through them our vision of a Co-operative Commonwealth, beginning here at home in Canberra and its surrounds.  

In particular:  

  • To invent, facilitate, implement and support resilient ways of providing for our needs, while recognising the natural limits inherent to the places we live, and designing our new systems within those limits.  
  • To invent, facilitate, implement and support ways of providing equality amongst all humans, and a fair and decent life for all.  
  • To begin this change at the local level, scaling up to broader community horizons as local needs are progressively met, providing that the skills and resources to do so are available.  
  • To make the designs, results and methods we work on as easy as possible to share with and distribute to others who share the same goals, to help them set up their own similar groups.  
  • To communicate clearly and accessibly with the general public about why these changes (see 1 and 2) are a good thing, and why they are necessary.  
  • To work alongside other groups who can help us further our goals.  
  • To use the patterns of the Natural World as a guide in our design work – “What would Nature do?”  

So far we have several projects underway:

  • This website – with eternal thanks to (whatever you mob want to call yourselves!)
  • The New Economy Network of Australia Canberra Regional Hub (NENA Can) – the networking arm of the CoCanberra / NENA Canberra region group
  • The Pre Power Co-operative System
  • Soil City Co-operative Farms
  • Monthly meetups to learn more about a wide variety of new economy topics
  • Radio Behind the Lines – imagine you could grill an expert or experienced practitioner every week, on any topic you liked? For 80 minutes…. We do it! Join us to hear the results.