CoCanberra projects:

  • The Pre power Renewable Energy Cooperatives

PrePower is pioneering a new form of self-funding cooperative. The Prepower Co-op has been formed, and is in the process of being built into the first of many renewable energy cooperatives. The unique self-funding model is transferrable to other sectors, which will be developed in the future.

  • Soil City Cooperative Farms

Inspired by the sale of some local organic farms, Co-Canberra is developing a model for ensuring that the succession of organic farms can run smoothly, transferring ownership from the existing farmer to a farming co-operative which is owned and controlled in common by the farmers and the customers. Protecting the living soil, providing a secure place for farmers to collaborate, bringing in young farmers and developing the art of farming to fully utilise our ecological inheritance in a productive, multi enterprise whole farm system. 

Joint CoCanberra / NENA Canberra projects:

  • Monthly Meetups – Coming together to learn something about the new economy.
    • Talks, workshops, deep dives into developing ideas, movie screenings, and more!
  • Radio Behind the Lines – 9am every Friday on Community Radio 2XX 98.3FM
  • Align in the Sound Podcast – Soundcloud, Itunes, Google podcasts

Conceptual Projects:

  • Climate Co-ops
  • Regenerative Culture

And lurking in the wings for later:

  • Building community, commons and resilient households
  • A trades coop
  • Social services coops
  • Housing coops
  • Coop schools
  • Electric Vehicles – EV conversions, E vehicle sharing coop, and solar refuelling stations
  • A world of other solutions…