The Challenge

We must reorganise ourselves, and redesign our institutions

The Economy is broken, fundamentally. Its workings create horrific inequality and it is on a collision course with its own habitat. We need to create a new economy which is compatible with living processes on our one and only Earth. Now. 

We must reorganise ourselves, and redesign our institutions: 

  • To meet our needs into the distant future 
  • To collectively keep hold of the benefits we have gained through the immense wealth and knowledge given to us by past generations 
  • To distribute this fairly amongst all Humanity 
  • To discard the destructive practices, the wasteful practices, the inequality and the lack of empathy inherent in the current organisational forms. 
  • To regenerate the living systems of the Earth 
  • To regenerate the cultural systems of humanity 
  • To prioritise the wealth of the community above the wealth of the individual 
  • To maintain a dignified living for people throughout the process and into the future 
  • To create a locally controlled, diverse, interconnected ecosystem of organisations across the world which fulfil the above requirements 

This reorganisation of how we provide for our needs must be designed to be capable of replacing the current system, of shaking off the inappropriate institutions when the time is right.

Unfortunately, the Australian political scene is about as disconnected from these realities as it could be, and is actively working to make these problems worse. Approval of and support for the Adani mine is a telling example of this, among many others.

Traditional politics will NOT be the way out of this situation (although a different form of politics will be one part of the solution).

The urgency of our task means the time has passed for bickering over which solution is the best one – we need everyone to do everything they can in their own way, and all do it at the same time, and we need to support each other as much as we can while doing it. 

We believe the time has come for the thousands of Australians already working towards this new economy and culture to find each other, to support each other, and by finding ways their different passions and projects can work together, to amplify each other. 

So how can we take positive steps to address the situation, without asking the government for help, and expecting limited if any support from big business?