Don’t HATE the media…..

BECOME the Media!

The mainstream media is not showcasing the best of humanity. 

In order for:

  • good news about well designed projects and enterprises, 
  • related thoughts, ideas and philosophies, 
  • thorough analysis of the causes of our problems 

to be brought out of the shadows, we will just have to get on and do it ourselves. 

Radio Behind the Lines works alongside CoCanberra to produce a weekly 90 minute radio show, talking in depth to those who are actively working to make the world a better place.

After noticing several years ago a lack of Australian content on the internet, Behind the Lines has recorded numerous CoCanberra meetups, three national conferences of the New Economy Network of Australia (NENA), one Australasian Permaculture Convergence, two Green Institute conferences, and one Asset Based Community Development conference. 

We have a team of editors working through our large backlog of recordings, which are then posted on our shared podcast, Align in the Sound. Volunteers are required to help edit all these recordings – editing training will be provided if required.

This website is also a media outlet. It is run by a volunteer team, who we thank profoundly.

Content contributing volunteers are required to develop this from its fairly basic current form into a site filled with solutions, describing the many fantastic groups and organisations already out there making the change we need to see.