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What we are up to now?

Soil City Co-operative Farms is in the ‘start-up’ stage. This year we say well done to:

  • Our foundation member farmers are giving it a go!
  • Supportive land-holders
    • Brooks Valley Bungendore
    • Other sites who have expressed interest
  • Determined organising crew
    • naming the values and mission ready for member review
    • drafting the constitution and formalising the structure in order to incorporate.

Our Aim for this year: We are working together to formalise, experiment and grow.

Become a Member

We can do this with You!

All you have to do is:


General Member Conditions and Expectations.

  1. Adhere to the Values and principles of the Co-operative.
  2. Participate and support the activities of the Co-operative.
  3. Be supported by Co-operative Members.

Contact us for more information about joining – as a farmer, new or experienced, as a land-holder, as an organiser, or in whatever way you may be able to support.

Mushroom Logs getting readied

How it works

Who owns what?

Each farmer or enterprise manages their own business under the supporting framework of the Co-operative and its Member Constitution.

Land-holders retain full responsibility for their land.

The co-operative as a member owned organisation works under its values, principles and constitution as designed and agreed by the members.

Member – Farmers

How does it work?

1 As a member farmer, you propose an idea for an enterprise to the co-operative. If you are new to farming or want to try something different, do some research first, then talk to us to get support to work up the proposal.

2 As long as the idea is within the framework and constitution, gaining agreement by the members is the next step. That is done by sharing the proposal and member consensus.

3 You go for it! With arrangements made based on Agreements between the land-holder and the farmer member.

Land available for Co-operative members.

Looking from North

Member – Land-holders

If you have assets (such as farming equipment to share) or land to share with the co-operative members e.g. to support a farming enterprise or provide venues for education, contact us


Member Involvement

Picnic days

Picnic days are held every 2nd SUNDAY of each month. The afternoon event is a chance to see the current available land and meet others supporting and working with the co-operative. We advertise the picnics on facebook – Permaculture Canberra and through email networks.

At the picnic, we toss around ideas, do some light work to help the member farmers, walk around the farm and have tea and cake.

Picnic days at Brooks Valley

Once more farms are established, the Co-operative design will require our members to come onto the farms and participate in growing food one day per season. Participation is a key element in building community.

For example, participants may work in the morning, enjoy lunch together, and celebrate in the afternoon.Part of an afternoon’s activities will be a community-building exercise.

Community supported agriculture (CSA or ‘produce box’ schemes of local farms), agroforestry, plant/animal products and partnering with other groups growing our local food systems are all possible based on what the members want to achieve.

Apple Rootstock Adventures in August

The rootstock will be cared for and when rooted and ready, can be grafted with fruiting cuttings. The apple varieties can then be sold or shared by the co-operative members.

Many ways to support

If you can support us with funding to accelerate our work, contact us to donate.

A Prospectus is available on request.

Soil City Co-operative Farms at a glance

The following is a work in progress and shares our thinking about what we are trying to achieve. Let us know what you think by emailing us at:


We exist because 

  1. There is fragility in our local region’s supply of food and water and the land is dire need of care and regeneration.
  2. People find it difficult to access support and land to grow food, fodder or fibre.

We partner with 

  • local land holders
  • experienced farmers in the region and farmers who supply the very diverse range of food outlets and restaurants in the region
  • young and/or new farmers
  • local producer-run enterprises and food distribution groups
  • local knowledge holders
  • any food-related group, but particularly local communities.

We will:

  • as appropriate and available support members to
    • apply local First Nations knowledge, guided by indigenous leaders in our community 
    •   heal the earth and care for the land by using methods which enhance soils, sequester stable carbon, promote biodiversity, and otherwise enhance natural systems
    • practice a regenerative culture which is a culture that:
      • avoids the extractive, exponential growth-oriented mechanisms at the root of many current crises
      • will be able to survive, thrive, and become a permanent and beneficial part of our locality and our planet.
      • contributes to the broader community.
  • act to find land and make it available for food-related uses. 
  • set up a managerial framework as an incorporated body to provide:
    • insurances for members
    • services and functions such as business support
    • access to legal advice.
    • marketing
    • communications
  • promote practical food sovereignty through securing a supply of good food for our members, and a voice in deciding how that food is grown
  • mentor and educate ourselves and others.

As a result of our work; we provide:

  • community owned and operated farmland, food growing and distribution systems to provide for the community’s needs. 
  • stable, secure and attractive places for farmers to make a just living
  • affordable access to good quality, nutritious food
  • connections for people to the sources of their food.

Our legacy is 

  • to create a local food supply system which nurtures:
  • the Earth and its living systems
  • our farmers and other workers
  • our customers.

Initial thinking about Soil City

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Soil City Co-operative Farms

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